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27 December 2015 @ 07:30 pm

YO, YO, YO~!

This is pinky_heaven01 's new / other Livejournal~
I created this one after I noticed that I need a new place to mess around with, so TADAAAA~
Entries will probably contain lots of fangirling, spazzing and other random and slightly confusing shout-outs (lol not like I posted other things on my other account... *facepalm*), so if you feel like being a stalker adding me, feel free to do so :D/
Just do me a favour and comment on here and tell me a bit about yourself after you've added me. So I can get a general idea of who the heck you are 8D (unless we've talked before or know each other already, obviously), ok? I won't add you back otherwise :/

Yeah... so...
That's probably it... for now 8D

*dances off*
23 September 2010 @ 02:17 pm
A friend of my mum from Vienna has been here to visit us from Sunday evening until yesterday afternoon. She wanted to do a few tourist-y things, so mum decided to show her the mountains, since we have plenty of them here XD
I didn't really want to come with them but I thought it would be a nice chance to take some nice pictures and make you all a bit jealous for living in the middle of nowhere :D I decided to write separate entries for each day, because posting ~80 pictures in one entry might be a tiny bit too much %D
I do need to remember to never use my 4GB memory card for my camera ever again, some of the pictures I took weren't saved on it for some reason o__O *kicks it*

So here's the first day, y'all 8D/

We drove all the way through the Montafon up to the Bielerhöhe. I've never been up there, so I kinda died inside the way up there, I didn't expect the road to be so winding e___e sunshinewrinkly managed to distract me for some time but she probably noticed how displeased I was, we were on the phone for a while XD

All the pictures are clickable for bigger size, btw :3

^____^Collapse )

Pictures don't do justice, really. It was sooo nice up there *__* and the air was so fresh and clear~~ *swoon*
I'm glad I decided to tag along with mum and her friend, even though I was a bit cheesed off when we started walking around the lake at first, but it really was worth the effort. I even got a bit of a tan without noticing harhar~ 8D/
Mum and I decided that we'll probably never go up there again, though, because we both got kinda carsick XD

Hurr hurr~

/wobbles off to write next entry

Entry 2 & 3 for the lazy people 8D
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I managed to kinda fix my laptop the other day, so at least I can stay online as long as I want without anyone telling me to go to bed at midnight. Still bored to tears, though.
So this didn't really cure my boredom and I usually don't believe in stuff like this (or horoscopes and blood type blah blah blah), but it was interesting to read :3


SIGN: 19o-21o Pisces
STRENGTHS: Shrewd, Tasteful, Charming
WEAKNESSES: Possessive, Claiming, Domineering

Orly?Collapse )

HEALTH: Those born on March 11th are usually very aware of how they look and are anxious to make good impressions. Consequently, they will need to take particular care of their skin, hair, nails, and teeth. Seeing that they get the proper vitamins as well as using the proper cosmetic aids is essential to their efforts in this area.
March 11th people often make excellent cooks, and can enjoy entertaining the “right people” in their homes, thus combining business are pleasure. Their aesthetic sensitivity to food and presentation is usually strongly marked. All substances that produce mucus, such as cheeses (particular rich ones), should be eaten in moderation. March 11th people must be particularly careful not to go overboard on cream, butter, and sugar.
Vigorous exercise is recommended for those born on this day, but competitive sports should be avoided.

ADVICE: Deepen your thoughts and feelings. Do not be too concerned with tangibly goals. Put more energy into your spiritual development. Don’t be afraid to let things go.

: Imagine having to carry everything you own. (whut?)

The stuff in italics is what I think is kinda applicable to my personality. Especially the health part ö___ö;
But maybe I'm just predictable like that :D

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07 June 2010 @ 12:21 pm
LOLOLOLOL best story ever, guys (based on real life events, yo):

My laptop stopped working last week, it wouldn't get past the first start-up screen when I tried to start it. It made some weird noises as well :/
My mum's boyfriend stayed at our place from Thursday to Sunday and he fixed our family comp 8D (first yay-moment). I tried to find out what's wrong with my laptop on Saturday afternoon and we actually ended up fixing it for like 5 hours ö__ö; he explained me how to open my laptop and everything, which was quite a cool thing to do, tbh XD well anyways, I opened it, screwed up the connection cable of my keyboard while we were at it and we ended up taking out the hard-drive. He noticed that the little part that connects my HD with my laptop kinda broke. He assumes it got overheated *cough* and kinda killed my HD along with it (hence the funny noises when I tried to start it). So I asked him what we're supposed to do now and he gave me his 160GB HD. Just like that. I didn't even ask him for anything and he was like "Here, take it. I don't need it anyways" O___O;v
We spent ages on trying to re-install Windows on my external HD but that didn't really work, don't know why D: so we ended up installing Linux on my 4GB memory card XDDD
Linux worked fine but it's probably the biggest pile of crapshit ever, really :X I don't know how people can use it, it gave me a headache just trying to figure out how/where to find my saved files, not even gonna talk about the lack of proper music players and all that jazz. But at least my laptop was running again... for not even 24 hours >__> it probably felt my wrath/loathing towards it, so it stopped working last night, as well XDDD *facepalm*
Now I'm using my Wii to surf the intarwebz, which is a bit of a pain in the ass too, but still better than nothing (and that's the reason why there's no LJ-cut for this, can't find it on here e__e). I'll just have to be patient and wait until my mum's boyfriend gets me a new connection piece thingy for my HD v___v he's so nice to me ;___; not just because he really tried to help me and because he got me a new HD and whatnot, he really is a nice guy :3 and my mum seems to be really relaxed when he's around, so that's another thumbs up XD

Now, isn't that a touching, mind-blowing and exciting story filled with some good ol' wtfery, even though it doesn't really have a happy end? :'D *wipes tears*
I just wanted to write it all down, because I can't be arsed to explain it 270000 times over and over again XD
I didn't even mention the best part yet: all my files are lost. My 20GB of music, all my concert DVDs (damn, that 1,6GB Dream Concert file...), my camera original fines... AND my 3400+ 2PM pictures T_____T
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22 April 2010 @ 09:04 pm
New layout, yo!


Harharharhar~ :B
I'm quite pleased with it, if I dare to say so. Tried to keep it simple and everything~ just the blue entry title is bugging me to no end. I don't know how to get rid of that >___> there's no colour code for any kind of blue ANYWHERE in the CSS D: but whatever. I'll find a way to change that someday *nodnod*
IT'S PRETTEEEEH N E WAYZ~~ 8D look out for the next layout change in 2 - 3 months when I've grown tired of this one xD

I guess this means that I'm officially back to LJ?! 8DDD

Wheeee~ *dances along*
Gosh, that gif is giving me brain seizures...  XDD

Yeah, just wanted to announce this :3
So I'll... stalk you guys later~

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Omggg, people.
I've been missing out on so much, I'm scared of trying to catch up with everything e___e
Probably won't get around to do that until like, next week, though =___= I WANT MY INTARWEBZ TIME BACK D:

Well anyways, I'm taking driving classes these days, as you probably know.
And omg, I'm a horrible driver D:
Ok, not that horrible, but... I just lose patience quite easily and my nerves are non-existand when I drive XD;

Like, two days ago, I almost crashed into a someone o___o
My driving instructor made me drive up a hill and then into a totally forlorn forest. THAT'S WHAT I CALL A BUMPY RIDE, MAN. And suddenly we were on the road again, but it was like I was kicked back to medieval times, yo. The road wasn't tarred, it was like, cobblestone pavement...ish and super narrow. There were like random tiny houses and such. I was like "Where the hell are we?!" and then he told me that we're right in front of the Buddhist Monastery, which I never knew that it even existed at the end of the world (where I happen to live). I was kinda wonderstruck and then the road took a 90° turn to the left and suddenly my driving instructor did an all-out braking thing and all I remember was covering my eyes and going like "WHATTHEALKDJFALKFH!!!?!" and then we came to halt like 15cm in front of a mini-van LOL
The mini-van started backing up, because I couldn't go backwards around the corner with people already waiting behind me, obviously. My driving instructor was like "And now you wave and smile friendly at him when we drive past him, ok?" and so I did. That must have been the most tortured and embarrassed smile & wave combination I've ever displayed in my life, really XDDD; all that guy did in response was trying not to burst in laughter hahah T___T I seriously wanted to headdesk on the steering wheel XD;

I was also very convinced that this sign is called Martinskreuz... which it obviously isn't. At least now I'll remember to laugh at myself that it's called Andreaskreuz hahah I still wonder where I got the Martin-part from XD;...

Oh an my boyfriend chopped off his hair two days ago. He's almost bald now and I was close to crying when I saw him for the first time last night. He looks like a retarded penguin with a melon-head now :'D/ he also got his belly button pierced the other night when he got drunk with some of his friends *facepalm* that definitely added a lot to his manliness *cough*

And I might get a job at an Irish pub ROFL my life is so fucked up 8D/

Yeah, that's the newest news from my part for now 8D
I'm gonna get ready for my last theoretical blah blah classes (FUCK YESSSS!) later and mentally prepare myself for 4 (!) hours of driving tomorrow morning :'D someone please shoot me or something? T___T/
Can you tell that I kinda hate driving? 8D

Can't wait until I can stalk you guys on a regular basis again D: I miss you crazy folks ;___;
Stalk me on Facebook, if you want. I need moar people on there and I'm online like... 24/7, even in classes lol

*zooms off*
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Ahh, good news, people!
I went into town with my mum yesterday and I jokingly said "Let's go ask about my driving license~?" to her.
Seems like I had really good timing, because a new course started the same afternoon and I managed to get in :O
So now I'm re-taking classes and this time I'm planning to pull it through and get that damned thing XD
The only kinda not so cool part about it is: I'm pretty much going to be home just for eating and sleeping .____.
It's more efficient to study/revise at the driving school, so I'm gonna go there in the morning and study study study, get home for lunch or grab something to eat somewhere, go back and take classes from 6:30PM until 10PM and then fall into a merciful slumber. From Monday to Friday for the next two weeks. BLEURGH.
Wish me luck :D

But as a conclusion to this, I won't be able to be online even less than I already am ~___~; I'm dreading all the trizillion pages I'll have to catch up with... but I'm having high hopes that some kind people *coughxincough* will keep me updated about the most important things, right? *puppy eyes*

Anyways, just wanted to let you guys know :B
I'm gonna go back to sleep for an hour now, Lukas picked me up from driving school last night and stayed at my place. That boy talks soooo much, it'll give me a serious sleeping deprivation at some point @____@;v

*wobbles off in zombie mode*
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13 February 2010 @ 06:13 am
Urgh, I know I totally fail at keeping up with that stupid meme (urgh, why did I ever start doing it in the first place...) but I kinda managed to screw over my laptop XD I tried to format it and re-install Windows on it and yeah... I keep getting bluescreens of doom ever since and it just won't install, FML.
Yeah, so nothing's working anymore and I'm not at home right now, so I can't even tell my mum's friend to fix it for me D:
And I can't use Petra's laptop either, because hers is also kinda f'ed. We both are such computer geniuses lol

Anywaaays. I'm in Vienna since yesterday, w00t! I really missed being here ;____;
Right now I'm at work with Petra and we already stuffed our face with selfmade pizza, which was guuuud~
I just finished watching the opening of the Olympics in Vancouver right now. The first few minutes were entertaining, but now I'm just bored to tears :/ can't believe I spent three hours watching this... LOLWHUT at that dude flying over a picture of a wheat field and those folks fiddling the hell out of those violins though o___o; imagined it to be a bit more exciting, but oh well.

Really can't wait until we can go home in 2 hours, I'm slowly running out of entertainment and encouragement to stay awake XD; not like I'll get a lot of sleep when we get home, anyways, but you know, I cherish every minute of sleep I can get XD gotta get up soon-ish because I'm meeting up with Xinnie oppa at Starbucks at 3PM \*_____*/ we decided to take pictures together, because we realized that we got like two pictures of us together. Totally inacceptable for bamf bffs like we are v____v but that means I'll have to get up even earlier, so I can try to get a bit dolled up and such. I'm gonna be so fucked :D

Yeah, just wanted to let you guys know 8D not like anyone really cares anyways lol

Stalking you from: Vienna 8D
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As some of you might know, it's been snowing here in Austria these days *_____*~
I had my day off from work today and actually decided to go outside of my room for once... GASP, I know.
Here are some pictures I took on my way to post sunshinewrinkly 's Christmas and birthday presents~
The pictures are rather simple, but I think they turned out quite nice :B
(Pictures are all click-able for bigger view)

... and my memories of you faded away when the snow started to melt.Collapse )

I love love love LOVE winter, if only I wouldn't freeze my ass off everyday XD
But the weird looks I got from people passing by when I took the pictures were so annoying, urgh. Sorry for attempting be creative for once, unlike all of you grumpy bastards ~___~;

*stomps off to bed*
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